United suffering from Moyes' frailties

United suffering from Moyes' frailties

29 Oct 2013, 11:32

Seeing the champions of English Premier League, Manchester United tormented in every match so far in the season is sending dismal signals to everyone watching.

The club, which is one of the most enviable not only in England but the rest of the world, had a unique way of attaining its goals, and winning the trophy ahead was the only target for the past two decades.

Today, goals are minimal save for the opening day of the season, something that can be linked to the spirit of the ending dynasty of Sir Alex Ferguson. To set the record straight, this team has not changed any bit from last season. To have such results then, we can only blame the change of guard at the top.

David Moyes, the Chosen One to the United faithful, came in with a changed team. Word has it that he failed to abide by sages words to retain the technical bench of the club. However, the technical bench is not everything to make a flying start to the squad, but actually, the club’s policies that ensured they won almost everything in Fergie’s time.

Every club has a policy that is adhered to.

Big clubs in the world today have their policies that ensure any new staff employed follows to the letter. Barcelona changed guard thrice in the past three seasons with the same perfect result emanating from each of the coach.

Bayern have the same, including Chelsea, a resurgent Manchester City, AC Milan, Stoke City, Sunderland, Everton and Wigan Athletic. It is not the fact that a coach came in and imposed his desires, but what the club outlined as its targets at the end of every season.

At Sunderland and Stoke City, they target a top ten finish and above all, evade relegation which is not the case for bigger clubs like United.

Does Moyes have other targets in mind? I think so.

What has helped Pep Guardiola or Tata Martino retain the dominance of their teams? Just taking what you have, and improving what you feel is slowing down performances, like blunt goal threat, or porous defence. But the Chosen One came in and made things worse.

United are not meant to be at position eight in October. That is what Fergie cultured in Red Devils as a club spirit, which Moyes had to take and move on with.

He accepted that the shoes he was to fill were big, but is able to at least walk in them on the right path. At the end of it all, he will have to face the board and be answerable for his actions at the club.

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