Fibonacci Theory - Only Bet on Draws! You Can't Lose

Fibonacci Theory - Only Bet on Draws! You Can't Lose

28 Oct 2016, 16:00

Bet on Draws

According to some theorists, you can’t lose. Or can you?

Fibonacci is a betting system that will be familiar to casino professionals. It evolved from the casino (roulette & baccarat) into a betting system on draws in football.

In its simple form the Fibonacci strategy for football betting, published in 2007 by Fragiskos Archontakis and Evan Osborne, is:

Bet on a draw and if you lose, bet on another one. Repeat this process until you win. Then start over.

There are just two rules to follow:

·     i) Only bet on draws when the price is above 2.62 and;

·     ii) Increase your betting stake after a loss in line with the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 etc.

This concept was based upon an earlier theory that the draw is the most difficult outcome for bookmakers to predict, and therefore can be exploited. The idea is that as long as you increase your stake after losing, any win will overcome all your previous losses.

You can see from the numerical sequence above that each number is the sum of its two predecessors.

Can you lose? Yes, sadly, as no sports betting betting system exists that guarantees a profit. The other issue is how long you might have to keep betting to get a win. Anecdotally, the worst anybody has ever done is 19 matches without a draw!

However, it’s a fun system to play. You just have to be disciplined and have a point at which you will stop if the draw will not happen for you. A long sequence without a payout can extinguish your entire betting bank.

Most African bettors prefer to pick one team or the other to win a match but in the top football leagues a draw occurs approximately every 3rd match. So, give it a try and cheer home those draws for a change!

Remember, always bet responsibly

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