Chelsea would be unbeatable with Rooney on board

Chelsea would be unbeatable with Rooney on board

07 Aug, 09:07
I can't help salivating when I read that Wayne Rooney is looking forward to joining Chelsea this summer.

Wow, just wow.

Hand in a transfer request soon Wayne..

The Blues had a good season last year and did well on the face of it after the issues that were there as far as coaching changes are concerned.

To win the Europa League with Rafa Benitez showed just how much the side can do if they are able to land a proper coach.

If you add to the fact that no Chelsea fan liked the fact that Roberto Di Matteo had been sacked and did their best to ensure life was hard for Benitez shows just how good a season it ended up being.

And alas, Jose Mourinho has arrived.

You can say what you want, but Mourinho at Chelsea is a special relationship and one that will blossom as has been proved before.

Chelsea already have the best squad in the Premier League if you ask me and now they have a very good coach in their ranks too.

An area where they struggled last season was clearly in the striking department where without Didier Drogba's presence, they looked out of touch and had to call on Fernando Torres for large parts of the season which was a bad move.

So with rumours of Wayne Rooney coming in and Mourinho already there, what will stop Chelsea next season?

I say no one.

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