A must have long term solution for Kenyan football: Football factories

A must have long term solution for Kenyan football: Football factories

06 Jun, 14:28
Okay guys, I'm not talking about the same boring broken promises, I'm talking about the one and only foundation base solution before referee and coaching problems. 

First, each club in Kenya needs a factory. A factory that provides residential soccer camps and produces future footballers. I wonder how these talented football players were raised. Some of them struggled to live through hard situations such as crime, drug and etc and gave up. There were those who bribed their way into fame.

On a typical day, you come to a normal soccer session and then go back home and rave or take drugs. It doesn't help. To avoid this, each club should set up their own residential soccer camp.

A day in the life in a residential soccer camp: 6am, Wake up....7am, go to school......4pm, leave school....5-6pm, training....6-8pm, homework....8-9pm, devotion,supper....10pm, homework/sleep. The camp is not for anyone. It is not a system where you have to pay and then play. It is for players who are carefully and professionally scouted by the club. These soccer players are automatically on scholarship. Apart from residential camps, anyone can use a normal system where you pay to play to improve their skills and get scouted. A factory can be like FC Barcelona's La Masia.The problem is, each football club in Kenya do not have enough money to run this idea.

After the factory, a reserve league, reserve FKF cup, u-23, u-21, u-18-, u-15, u-12 league and FKF Cup. To reduce transportation costs, each league can be restricted to county level including the reserve league and excluding the cup tournaments. Youth teams can be involved in u-17, u-20, u-23 world cups. As these players grow up, they experience real football and influence big matches just like Wanyama. The problem is, there is no money to fund this idea.

Without a factory, our football system is disorganized and vulnerable to wrangles. In fact it is easy to disrupt and disband the football industry. 
Let me tell you, quality is not cheap. We have to get so much money to qualify for world cup. No money=no world cup. Solution? Ticketing systems. The system should be made electronic and a percentage of the total money obtained from a football match can be sent to the FKF. 

For example: There are 25 football matches in one week, and an estimate of 300 fans per match. The cost of a ticket is 200 bob. 
So, 200 X 300= 60,000 for one match, therefore, 60,000 X 25= 1.5M. An estimated 20% of the money is sent to the FKF which is 300,000 bob for 1 week. In one month, FKF will earn about 1.2M. There is hope of getting money. Advertisers trying to buy an advertising space during football matches can pay FKF. Football clubs will also benefit from it. One day FKF will have their salary increased, and football players will be the richest. The problem is clubs don't have their own stadium to generate income and clash with ticketing systems. Nyayo and Kasarani stadiums are becoming public toilets.

FKF will generate enough money to fund clubs to run their residential camps. Sponsors can be there to organize the reserve and youth league. For example Copa Coca Cola, and Sakata. More people will get jobs, probability of identifying talent increases and crime rates will go down.

In fact, stadiums should be renovated by placing cages from the edge of football pitch to the roof. Simple as that. (Once FKF have the money). This will prevent fans from throwing bottles and streaking into a pitch. Its worth it. A safe stadium is not cheap, and a beautiful game is not cheap. To prevent injuries and allow players to practice ball control, artificial turf must be installed. It is cheap to maintain. I know it is expensive to install one, but quality is not cheap.

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