My take on the dropped AFC Leopards players

My take on the dropped AFC Leopards players

05 Jun, 09:07
I was not in any way surprised that the players dropped by Luc Eymael are who they are.

If I may, I was slightly taken aback by those that have remained at the club.

Let's be honest, the likes of Noah Abich and Idrissa Rajab were leaving sooner or later. Abich simply did not provide the required competition and Rajab had too many injury issues, even though I felt they could have given him a few more months.

Obadiah Ndege and Floribert Ndayisaba fall into the flop category. I have been told that Ndege was non-existent in training and had discipline issues and that Ndayisaba just fell apart after Jan Koops' exit.

The guy I really feel for is Victor Ochieng. He was not given the required chance to show what he could do at the same time Allan Wanga and Mike Barasa were misfiring.

His conversion rate is really good, so I would have given him a chance to play in the second leg. But then again, he can move on back to Posta Rangers where he is wanted anyway. Good for him.

If I were the head coach, and I am not, the first out of the club would be Allan Wanga.

Overall since his arrival, he has not added much to the club and I do not remember even one performance from him that was top class. He is a big name player that has failed to deliver and I would rather have given Victor Ochieng the chance.

What hit me the most about Wanga was him threatening to leave the club. That was just too much for me.

I don't buy the Etemesi thing from most fans. He is a squad player that is versatile and you need those in your team.

So Leopards need a striker and two midfield players. I guess that one will be Dan Wagaluka and the other, Mike Khamati, who I have been told have been contacted about moving to the den.

I would have had Khamati and Victor Ochieng in place of Wanga... But well, I am not head coach of AFC Leopards. Just a fan, just my opinion.

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