Why Alexis Sanchez lost the Arsenal dressing room

Why Alexis Sanchez lost the Arsenal dressing room

12 Feb, 21:00

Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin has revealed why Manchester United’s new signing, Alexis Sanchez, fell out with his former teammates, blaming it on ambition.

“Alexis is an amazing player. One of the best in the Premier League for sure but he is a player who always wants to win. He demands from everyone, sometimes it can be too much. The great thing is he wants to win, to give 100 percent," Bellerin told the Oxford Union.

Why did he celebrate alone when he scored last time out?

“There was one game against Crystal Palace. We celebrated a goal and some of the players went, I stayed back, I was talking to Calum Chambers because there was some tactical stuff. For me that was more important than celebrating the goal,” the young Spaniard explained.

Sanchez was once involved in a confrontation with his captain, Laurent Koscielny, last season. As recent as December last year, Wenger dropped the Chilean because of a disagreement with his teammates, in which he was the center.

So far, so good at Manchester United. But, with Mourinho’s way of management, if Sanchez is to cause any unrest in the dressing room, he would be benched like Wenger did.

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