A Million Shilling Warning

A Million Shilling Warning

29 Aug, 12:06

A bettor recently had a sad experience after he had won a whopping 1 million shillings.

He staked 200,000 on the outsider in a tennis match and hoped to cash-in big. The punter, a regular bettor with BetPawa notes that he was confident the outcome would favour him. “I have been betting with BetPawa for a while. I follow my favourite tennis players closely and have studied the trends in their performances. That is what helps me predict the occasional underdog to win such matches,” he opined.

Six hours later, the match turned out in his favour! Correct prediction and 1 million richer!

Then he made a fateful decision. “I decided to stake all the money I had won on the favourites in two more tennis matches. My potential payouts totalled almost 1,500,000.”

That was however not to be. The players he had bet against upset the formbook and won, causing him to lose both bets. Very disappointing!

He however says that he will stick to his tennis betting. “Betting is about winning and losing; I shall stick to my plan and hope to win more in future. But next time I get a big win, I’m going to withdraw some of my winnings immediately and not bet so big!” Lesson learned!

Indeed, as is often advised, you must control your excitement and maintain discipline after winning - to help you avoid burning up your bank.

Remember, always bet responsibly

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