Small risks, big rewards

Small risks, big rewards

27 Jan, 18:29

For most recreational gamblers, sports betting is about dreaming the dream of winning big, while working within your budget, of course. So what determines how many chances you have to get that big win? It’s actually the minimum bet limit of your bookmaker.

Most sports betting operators in Uganda have a UGX 500 minimum bet. But the new kid on the block has a tiny UGX 1 minimum bet.  So when you bet with betPawa you can create 500 chances for that big payday compared to only one with other betting companies!

We asked Mike Miller, betPawa MD for East Africa, about this.

“Our clients love the opportunity for a big payout, but they don't want to be forced to spend 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 every bet to try and make their dream come true, so we simply reduced our minimum bet to a micro level so they can afford more chances at the big win. It’s betPawa’s version of ‘More bang for your buck!’

“For example, one of our lucky betPawa Uganda clients recently invested UGK1,000  and correctly predicted 19 football results. His payout was UGX30million.

As a company, we obviously hope all the millions of micro bets we accept will return us a profit over time, but we know there will be some ‘bumps’ (i.e. very happy clients!) along the way.”

What is the biggest amount of legs you have ever gotten correct in winning a Multibet?

If you would like to bet with Betpawa then you can setup an account by clicking here.
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