Manchester United's BIG mistake; Moyes and Fellaini not good enough

Manchester United's BIG mistake; Moyes and Fellaini not good enough

16 Oct, 04:58

It is still too early to start predicting who will win the English Premier League but very easy to predict those who will be going home trophy-less and if you will ask me that confidently and swiftly will I answer you that, but I will expect blows from them.

Manchester United, believe me or not this season you are my favourite bet to go home trophy-less for a number of reasons.

They will challenge me, for I have not been a football coach nor even a player in my life, but the fan is the best player outside the pitch. The first reason why you won’t win any title this season is if you still depend on your Mouranne Fellaini then you are done as his style of play is not coherent with that of “champions”.

If you will expect Robin Van Persie to shine then you are done, I bet Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck to be top scorer of the team, not BPL and I hear you laugh

David Moyes is not a type of commander, of which Sir. Alex Ferguson was…I respect him, he could command his players such that irrespective of how tough the game was, he would at least go off pitch with a point and that was his trick of winning trophies. I will say Moyes is not Manchester United class but it was because the club failed to find a person to fit his shoes…I'd rather Juergen Klopp.

I'm a sportsman and I still hold on to the fact that Moutainne Fellaini and David Moyes are not United class. But my wish is that let the best football team win this season.

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