How long will Mourinho last at Chelsea this time?

How long will Mourinho last at Chelsea this time?

04 Jun, 10:04
Needless to say, it is great news for Chelsea FC fans to have Jose Mourinho back in town.

The controversy and entertainment he will bring on board aside, he will be an assurance that the club will compete for the Premier League title as long as he is in- charge.

I am dead sure that there will be no battle for fourth place like has been in the last two seasons.

And because of that, Mourinho is the best signing Chelsea will get this summer.

His job will be to ensure the club wins the Premier League title again and again and now that there is a void created by Sir Alex Ferguson's departure from the game, Mourinho will eye English football dominance.

The plan will be to get at-least three league titles in the next four years and the Champions League as well.

He will be aided by the fact that every player will now find the club an attractive place to go to. Good manager, high wages and the chance to compete for the best honours in the game.

Plus a significant transfer war-chest.

So for Chelsea fans, it is happy days and a welcome back to Premeir League success. For others in the Premeir League, it is tough times ahead.

Issue is though, for how long?

We all know that Mourinho is a part-time lover. He does not settle for long term commitments, though he is on record as saying he would like to stay at Stamford Bridge for a long time.

Will that be the case?

That is for later. For now, I walk loud and proud as a Chelsea fan. Up the blues.

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