Last Minute Drama!

Last Minute Drama!

05 Sep, 18:05
One of the greatest moments in betting is the excitement and tension that builds as you wait for your big win.

The tension is always intense as you keep checking the clock..5 minutes to go … 4 minutes … 2 … 1 .... Those final few minutes on the clock that can have a massive impact on whether you win or lose.


A BetPawa client narrates how he had to wait until the final seconds to secure his profits.

“I love betting and I always love to stay up with the play - to enjoy the action and count the minutes. Not all matches get determined early. For some crunch games you’re on the edge and withstanding nail biting moments before you win,” he said, while explaining his win.

On this particular match day, two Kenyan Premier League sides were facing off in a midweek encounter. The home team had won 5 of its last 6 matches, while the away team had not won in 6 matches in all competitions; contrasting statistics.

The bettor selected a draw, which had a price of 4:20, and staked 10,000.

The away team scored in the 15th minute and this gave the bettor hope. “When the away team scored, I knew that would put pressure on the home team to reply,” he said.. The match went to the break with the away team still leading. A defensive error handed the home team a penalty on the hour mark, setting the stage for what turned out to be a grandstand finish.


In the 84th minute, the away team took control of the game again, with a well taken goal. “I got agitated and thought I had most likely lost my money. Although the home team was piling the pressure, the clock was running down fast; 2 minutes to play and the away team showing no signs of surrender!” he said. The pressure was building though and the home team earned itself a corner with one minute left.

“That was a tense moment and my heart was racing. I was seconds away from losing my money or winning big,” he recalled. “The unexpected then happened. Just before the corner was taken, the away team’s last man went down injured. This was probably the moment.”
The home team had exhausted all its substitutes, and was forced to finish off with 10 men. An in-swinger, well timed and headed home!

It was a great moment of triumph! A really late goal favouring the bettor. “It was a sweet victory. I was kept on edge but certainly enjoyed every moment,” said the ecstatic winner.

Remember, always bet responsibly
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