Betpawa: A 30-leg Tennis Multi!

Betpawa: A 30-leg Tennis Multi!

11 Aug, 11:00

There is a theory among some sports bettors that the early rounds of Major tennis tournaments are a great time to place multi bets on the favourites.

The logic behind this betting tactic is that quite often, for example, #433 in the world will be playing #10 or #30 and is expected to win easily - and almost invariably he or she does exactly that!

In the first round of Wimbledon, a client combined 30 such selections in a multibet. The average price of her selections was a very small 1.33 but combining all 30 in one bet she was able to get a huge price of 5,194

She staked 100 on her ticket giving a potential payout of 519,400

Well, all 30 players won!

We spoke with her while organising a bank transfer of her winnings and she told us she had never been so excited in her life as the number of winners added up! She suffered some stress too!

She had a big scare when one of her selections lost the first set and was trailing 2-4 in the 2nd, but he came back to win. Another match went right down to the wire with her selection surviving two match points before prevailing!

The Manager commented, “It was a happy ending for her and a losing day for the company.”

:Bookmakers win money on average 5 days out of 7 each week; those losing days often contain wonderful wins for smart (or lucky) clients! We’re happy to keep the money from losing bets, so we have to be equally happy when paying out the winners!”

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