Zidane backed for France job
Zidane backed for France job

Zidane backed for France job

Antoine Griezmann believes Zinedine Zidane can be a great coach for France.

The Atletico Madrid forward hopes the current manager Didier Deschamps has done the best in his current position but should he choose to quit, Griezmann hopes Zidane can a be a great coach for the current world reigning champions.

"I don't know how long Deschamps wants to remain as national manager. He has earned the respect he has, and I think he will be on the job as much as he wants. However, I believe Zidane could be the best manager available the Les Bleus." he told ESPN.

Griezmann hopes that they can continue achieving the best from the youthful team now especially in the upcoming competitions namely Euro 2020 and the World Cup two years later.

"I think our average age at this past World Cup was 25 years, or it was around that. It was a very young squad. I think we have the players and, above all, the youth in order to do something bigger. The Euro is coming, there is another World Cup in store and, if we keep on doing our job this way, staying humble as we are, we can hope to win it all,” he added.

Deschamps has coached France since 2012.