Why West Kenya ditched the ‘tribal tag’

  Posted: 6 Jul 12, 13:47

By: Wilson Mathu

Division One side Kabrass United has given a vivid explanation as to why they decided to discard the community tag and revert to their sponsors name [West Kenyan Sugar FC].

In a communiqué to futaa.com, the club stated that they needed to be more accommodative and diverse something that was not possible when under a sub-tribe’s tag.

Marketing tool

The club also wants to promote their sponsors West Kenyan Sugar since they pay their bills which enables them run the club and participate in league matches.

- The sponsor who has made the team be the way it is now should also be promoted. The earlier name was much of sub-tribe thus less interest was experienced from fans over Kenya.

Not yet for community clubs

- Community based clubs always propagate political agenda. Confirm with the Kenya Premier League and get the answer for yourself.  This comes with wrangles because of too much politics.

- The Clubs[Community based]will only be successful after proper education to the concerned communities on the importance of having sports development especially football which may take some time.

West Kenya Sugar Company owns and pays the club’s footballers and the club has therefore seen this as a golden chance to market the company’s products.

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