Victor Wanyama used to play barefoot

  Posted: 22 Dec 12, 15:51

By: Brian Moseti

Currently valued at between £10-£15million, Kenyan midfielder Victor Wanyama has come the full length, from the time he was playing community football in the eastlands of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, and could not afford proper boots.

As per his revelation to the Daily Record, the player first owned a pair of boots as he entered teenage.


-I played barefoot. I didn’t get my first pair of boots until I was about 13 or 14 – Puma ones, he said.

Downplaying his achievements, the player, who now has a boot sponsorship deal with Nike, said that his is not a unique fete.

-It’s a normal thing in Africa. Not everybody can afford the boots.


Wanyama is one of the primary targets of English Premier League giants Manchester United, ahead of the January transfer window.

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