Stima confident they own Kakamega

  Posted: 5 Mar 13, 11:11

By: Dennis Kituyi

Western Stima are confident that they have enough fans in Kakamega town.

With the entry of the Kakamega Homeboyz into the fray, there will be a definite shift in fan interest in the area but according to Stima chair Laban Jobita, they too have their hardcore fans.


- I am confident that we have the necessary support in Kakamega to fill up our home games because we have been here for a number of years and have been getting fans to watch us play.

- There is a new club in the area but I am adamant we have our own fans who will support us, he told

Do well

As numbers go, Stima will have to outshine their neighbours this season, if they are to cement their place as Kakamega's biggest club.


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