Sparki Youth, Coast United punished

  Posted: 11 May 12, 20:08

By: Patrick Korir

Two Mombasa based sides Sparki Youth FC and Coast United have been punished by the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) for both failing to honor a Division One Zone A league tie on Labor Day – 1 May 2012.

Only ones present at the venue

According to Doris Petra, the Chair of League and Competitions at FKF, the two failed to turn up for the game at their own accord with no express consent of FKF.

- We did not postpone the game. The two decided not to turn up for the game leaving the match officials as the only ones present at the venue on their own

-On that note both sides lose the match, said Doris to

No added points

As per FKF, the game being lost to both means it will reflect as played both will have no added points to their tally.

Coast United, fresh from being awarded three points from Nairobi Stima will have their tally remain at 11 points from 1 game as Sparki Youth’s tally will remain 16 points from 12 games.


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