Somali Football Federation attend workshop

  Posted: 15 Sep 11, 06:48

By: Claudia Ekai

According to cafonline, Somali Football Federation (SFF) on Wednesday (14th September, 2011) had a club management workshop for authorities from several football clubs across the country in a bid to develop managing skills of the football club authorities in Somalia.

The Somali Football Federation President Said Mahmoud highlighted that his federation wants to upgrade the knowledge so as to ensure they have good management skills

-We hope you to come next congress being more developed than currently you are—the SFF is paying much attention to enhancing your skills since you (clubs) are our congress members” Somali Football Federation President told participants in his opening address

As for the General Abdi Qani Said Arab he emphasized that they want to compete with the rest of the FIFA member associations who operate in peaceful territories and have stabled governmental administrations

-We want to promote the knowledge of our football clubs, because when our club authorities are very skilled and have adequate knowledge, then I am sure we can reach a higher development and that is why we are prioritizing the educational enhancement” secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab insisted during his opening remarks.


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