Signed and sealed; Div 1 to have 20 teams in 2014

  Posted: 25 Apr 13, 12:46

By: Patrick Korir

In the 2012 season, the second tier league, the Division One, kicked off with 40-teams; 20 each in two Zones; A and B.

To have hit the 40-team mark, the Football Kenya Federation went against their earlier promise of having a 32-team league; 16 on each side.

Got worse

During that season, as clearly laid out in the Rule book that governed the second tier, FKF promised a 20-team league for the 2013 season.

But it was shock and horror when that never happened, and it got worse as the league, instead of reducing by 20 teams, increased by eight teams to 48, then after its approval, further increased to 49 teams.

The new development was that the two Zones; A and B were further split to two groups each to help clubs cut costs especially on travel and to help in managing the obviously bloated league.


Time and again it has been said, from the Chair of the League and competitions at FKF Doris Petra to the Chair Sam Nyamweya, that the 2014 will be made up of 20 teams.

Having failed in their promise for 2013, FKF has gone out of its way to guarantee that this is not a make- believe, but a reality, and it is now in writing and signed that indeed the league will be made up of 20-teams in 2014.

A circular to clubs in the second tier states as much as well as confirms the relegation and promotion modes;

One way playoff

- The top 5 teams (l to 5) from each pool will be retained- to play in Division One League in the 2014 season

- The remaining 29 teams will be relegated to form the National division starting from 2014

- The top team from each  in a zone will meet in a one way play off to determine the team to be promoted to the FKF Premier League in 2014; (i) Winner A1 (Group 1) Vs Winner A2 (Group 2) and Winner Bl (Group 1) V5 Winner B2 (Group 2)

Relegated teams

-The winner of A1 vs A2 match qualifies for Premier League in 2014. Winner of B1 vs B2 qualifies for Premier League in 2014.

-The two relegated teams from the Premier league will join the remaining 18 team to make a 20 team Division One league 2014 league season.

The 29 relegated teams will be joined by eight Provincial winners in Division Two.


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