Pepeta Academy plans detour to re-forest

  Posted: 3 May 13, 18:00

By: Patrick Korir

The Pepeta Academy will on Saturday 4 May forget about football for a while to take up on other duties – planting trees around the environs of the Karura forest.

Zaks Waweru,  the Director of the academy that has in its ranks players from age four through to 14, states that the activity will start off in the morning then later on it will be back to the field for games.

Taking care of the environment

-We have been given an area by the Forest Service and we intend to embark on tree planting on Saturday.

-All players at the Academy as well as their parents and guardians will take part in the activity which is part of our wider teaching away from football; taking care of the environment.


-Thereafter we will return to the field for a friendly game with a team from Baba Dogo, he added

The tree planting exercise starts at 0900hrs and each player at the Academy is expected to plant a seedling.

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