Outgrowers readmitted back to Division one

  Posted: 1 Mar 13, 16:38

By: Patrick Korir

Busia based Outgrowers FC has made its way back to the second tier, the Division One, and will be part of the teams for the 2013 season.

At the close of the 2012 season the team was placed 18th in the 20-team division one league and had effectively been relegated for being placed below position 16.

Major tournament

Club Chair Richard Wandekere is more than excited to be back in the league and confirms that the team has recruited well and will be better this time round having pick a few lessons from the 2012 season.

-We are happy to be back in division one. We have received communication to that effect, he said to futaa.com

-We have been playing in a major tournament involving 82 teams (Amos Wako Cup) from where we have been scouting. We now have a very good selection of players to add on to the some of the ones we had in the past season

A lot better

-We shall resume training after the election to fine tune for the new season though we are more than ready.

-We learnt a lot last season and we will be a lot better in the new season, added Wandekere who went on to confirm that Phorum Titi Namuye, Moses Babu Osimbo, Jonathan Odado, Ibrahim Orapidi as some of the players from last season who will feature in the new season.

Initial 48 teams

Earlier on, Football Kenya Federation (FKF) had released a list of 48 teams to feature in the now expanded second tier league in 2013.,

Each of the two zones; A and B, will be made up of two groups each with 12 participating teams. Outgrowers were not part of the initial 48 teams.


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