Onyango: I will be back stronger

  Posted: 5 Mar 13, 14:20

By: Dan Ngulu

Posta Rangers FC defender Tom Tass Onyango is out with a metatarsal injury that will rule him out of the opening Division One League weeks but he holds that the injury is just a temporary setback that he will overcome soon.

The defender hurt himself in training and as a result had a protective cast which should be removed in three weeks and he says time out of competitive action is hard to take but gives him the push to eye greatness.


Speaking to futaa.com, he held that in his absence his team will still do well, also revealing his faith in the coach and the players.

-It is hard being out of action and unable to do what I love most but that is just a temporary setback that I will overcome. I will just be out for a short while, like three weeks but I am sure the team will do well because the coach is also great.

Bigger and better

-This is a temporary challenge and I believe that I will resume action bigger and better, even stronger than before. I know better days are coming, he told futaa.com.

The defender has been influential for the team since completing the switch from Naivasha side Oserian FC in mid 2013.


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