Omino ambivalent on future

  Posted: 13 Dec 12, 21:13

By: Dan Ngulu

Henry Omino, the outgoing Western Stima tactician is still undecided over whether or not he will be taking up another coaching role in the Tusker Premier League (TPL) as the 2013 season approaches.

The coach’s time at the Kakamega side is coming to an end, and with the club not open to renewing his contract or extending it, the coach says he will be weighing his options first before making the big decision.


Speaking to, he revealed that he has things he had planned to do which he will be focusing on as he meditates on the next step.

Taking time

-I am not yet decided over the next move; I want to take my time first to reflect well on issues. If the chance to take up another coaching role comes I can consider but at the moment I am concentrating on some things I had planned prior to the unfolding events, he said.

Omino was at the helm at the Kakamega side for three years.


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