Musonye; CECAFA has no time for ‘useless’ sideshows

  Posted: 22 Aug 12, 20:25

By: Patrick Korir

On Tuesday 20 August 2012, Football Kenya Federation (FKF) sent out an update of having received support from Sudan to host the 2012 Council of East and Central Africa Football Association (CECAFA) senior Challenge Cup here in Kenya.


A day later, on Wednesday 22 August, Nicholas Musonye, the Secretary General sent out a release to counter FKF’s update in a hard hitter

- The CECAFA-Tusker Cup 2012 will be held in Uganda. Nyamweya's noise and cheap propaganda will not change that position. CECAFA Members and our sponsors are aligned and preparing their teams. He is free to continue making his noise because he thrives in that. He will be ashamed to bring his unprepared team to Uganda, said the first part of the release sent out to media houses

- CECAFA members know him and they will not be manipulated to follow him they way he did to Kenyans during the so-called FKF elections.

No idea  

- As a regional body, we are still cleaning the mess he left behind when he acted as the General Secretary of CECAFA for some six months. And CECAFA is not ready to go back to those old dark days of unfocussed leadership.

Musonye further goes on to touch on CECAFA elections which he states Nyamweya ‘has no idea’ about as he reiterates his support to CAF

- He has no idea how CAF operates and it is cheap to bring the name of CAF and its President Isa Hayatou into the matter related to the host of CECAFA-Tusker Cup 2012. He should know better that I have been in CAF Standing committees for 12 years when he was busy in court fighting for the control of football in Kenya.

36th edition 

- My loyalty and support to CAF is unquestionable. It is his vote that will always be unpredictable.

- CECAFA wishes to reiterate that it has no time to engage in useless and unproductive sideshows with Nyamweya. He can do that with the people who elected him last year, concluded the release

While Musonye confirms that the 2012 Challenge Cup is set for Uganda later this year, FKF too confirms that the annual tourney that will enter it’s 36th edition this year, will be held in Kenya. 


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