Kibera Celtic: We did not skip the match

  Posted: 6 Oct 12, 11:55

By: Brian Moseti

On Saturday 6 October, Admiral had been booked to take on Kibera Celtic, in a match set for play at the Tudor Day School in Mombasa.

However, by matchday, Celtic, the guests had not made it to Mombasa and it was reported that they had been awarded a walkover.


Explaining their absence from the match, Celtic’s Chairman John Oyoo said that they had embarked on the journey to Mombasa on Friday 5, but their bus broke down on the way.

-Our bus engine ground to a halt at a place called Salama at around 2300hrs, on Friday. We informed both the home side and Football Kenya Federation that we were having bus issues, and we assumed they would understand our situation, Oyoo told

-We were, therefore, surprised to hear that Admiral had been handed the match, on account of our absence.

New date

Oyoo also said that they still believe the Federation will reschedule the match, and even promises to take down the opponents.

-We do not count the match as a loss as we are sure that we will play it on a different day.

-It should be known that we do not fear Admiral, as this was well reflected on our desire to make the match, only to be failed by machines.


Celtic are currently ranked 12th in the Eastern Zone of Kenya’s Division One league.


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