Kenyan transfers to be heavily scrutinised

  Posted: 9 May 12, 14:37

By: Dennis Kituyi

Player transfers in the Kenyan leagues will be heavily scrutinized beggining the next transfer window.

After the melee witnessed during the last transfer window, the national federation Football Kenyan Federation (FKF) have embarked on a series of upgrades to the Player Registration System (PRS).

Nick Mwenda of Riverbank, creator of the PRS transfer module that has been added to the FKF PRS explains what will happen starting the next transfer window.

Tough measures

- For transfer, a buying club must make a request to the club they wish to buy a player from. The club will then either approve or reject the transfer.

-The federation will then approve, if the transfer was accepted by the club owing the player.

-For loans, players are given to clubs for periods that are not longer than the contract period, he told

Mwenda however left it to FKF to see to it that Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs, as well as lower tier sides become part of the system so as to allow inter transfers between the top tier league and the second tier - Division One league.

The KPL and Division One transfer window kicks off in June and will be valid for the rest of that month before it closes. The next will be from 1 December 2012 to 31 January 2013.


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