Gender controversy in upcoming football election

  Posted: 26 Aug 11, 16:11

By: Sumba Bwire

The controversy over the implementation of the constitutional clause that requires one third of the voters to be women has spilled over from the Kenyan Parliament into Kenyan Football.

Kenyan football clubs which are dominated by men will be forced to look for women on the streets, literally, and register them as one their delegates if the new rule is anything to go by.

Sports Minister Dr. Paul Otuoma insisted that affirmative action be implemented in line with the new constitution. On Tuesday August 23, 2011, Hon. Otuoma met the visiting Federation of International Football Association [FIFA] delegation led by Leodgar Tenga, Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) and the Independent Electoral Body (IEB) at his ministry's headquarters.

According to a notice released by IEB CEO Peter Ogonji on Tuesday August 24, 2011, each Club shall submit to the IEB on or before the 29th August 2011 three names of delegates at least one of whom shall be a person of the gender.

forcing women to vote

The last part of the order seems not to have been understood and the new rule has caught most clubs off guard.

 Almost 90 percent of over 1,600 clubs registered with the Independent Electoral Board [IEB] to vote play in the men’s league and had all submitted names of exclusively male delegates.

Kenya Football Federation [KFF] Coast Branch secretary Ismael Ogola complained that the new rule amounts to forcing women to vote.

- This new rule is not on the FIFA statutes, Ogola retorted.

Clubs were expected to start submitting their documents as from Friday 26th   August, Saturday 27th August at the National Sports Council Boardroom at Nyayo Stadium. 1700 hrs on Monday 29th August 2011 has been set as the deadline of submissions.


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