FKF Strategic Plan set for public scrutiny

  Posted: 11 Jul 13, 16:22

By: Dan Ngulu

The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has assured that it will soon release its ten year strategic planned rolled lined up to aid in the development of Kenyan football as agreed upon in the recent Annual General Meeting.

In a communiqué sent to media houses by the federation, a particular date for the release was not given but the president Sam Nyamweya said the plan will be published in order to give the public an opportunity to scrutinize it and offer the relevant criticism.

Better standards

In the release, Nyamweya added that it is the federation’s policy to interact openly with stakeholders to better the Kenyan football standards.

-We will be publishing the draft of the Strategic plan and launch it officially. The draft will be distributed widely and give an opportunity for the public to critic our plan and see how we can better it.


-Part of the federation’s policy is openness and this has always been based on consultations and partnership. The relationship with KPL and engagement with professionals and good rapport with sponsors and government are some of the examples where this has worked, Nyamweya noted.

Key to the FKF strategic plan is a revamped league structure, better focus on women soccer with the establishment of all age group national teams, improving the national team performance and youth development.


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