Celtic disappointed by FKF's decision

  Posted: 22 Sep 12, 10:07

By: Brian Moseti

On Friday 31 August 2012 Mathare Youth FC resigned from the Division One league on account of dwindling finances.

Having played seven of matches in the second leg of the season, it was left to Football Kenya Federation [FKF] to decide on what would happen to the points garnered from the second leg matches.

In a communication, on Friday 22 September, FKF declared all matches played by Mathare in the second leg null and void.


This decision has had Kibera Celtic one of the teams that had played against Mathare in the second leg and won, up in arms.

-It is unfortunate that Federation has opted to cancel the results of matches that Mathare Youth played in the second leg, Celtic’s Chairman John Oyoo told Futaa.com.

-This is because the revocation of points puts some teams, lie us, at a disadvantage, and puts all the investment, in terms of money and time, we had put in the match to waste.

-We spent money paying for the match venue, transportation and referees in addition to match-preparation costs and we don’t know how we are going to get this money back considering the match did not count for anything.

More repercussions

Oyoo says that such decisions put teams at loggerheads with sponsors.

-We are supported by private individuals and when they see us lose points in this fashion, then they become very demoralized.


Cetic are currently ranked 16th in the Eastern Zone of the country’s second tier league.


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