CAS rejects Sudan’s appeal against Zambia

  Posted: 5 Mar 13, 17:00

By: Patrick Korir

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has dismissed the appeal of the Sudanese Football Association (SFA) against FIFA's decision to declare the Sudan-Zambia match of 2 June 2012 forfeited by Sudan 0-3.

The CAS has fully confirmed the FIFA Appeal Committee's decision of 24 October 2012 and here is the their deliberation sent out on 4 March 2013 in full;

Opened a procedure

On 2 June 2012, during a qualifying match for the FIFA World Cup 2014, Africa Zone, Sudan played Zambia in Khartoum and won the match 2-0. On that day, the Sudanese team had fielded the player Eldin Ali Idris Farah while he was under suspension. Such player had been sent off in the last game of the Sudan in the contest of the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) on 4 February 2012, a match where the Sudan also played Zambia.

Following the match on 2 June 2012, the FIFA Disciplinary Commission opened a procedure against the SFA and ordered that the match of 2 June be forfeited by Sudan 0-3 and that the SFA pay a fine of CHF 6000. The decision was upheld by the FIFA Appeal Committee on 24 October 2012.


The SFA appealed such decision to CAF on 3 December 2012, requesting its annulment, on the basis it had not been properly informed of Eldin Ali Idris Farah's suspension.

The CAS Panel in charge of this case rejected the arguments of the SFA after noting that the secretariat of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) had indeed informed the SFA that the player Eldin Ali Idris Faraha would be suspended during the next official match of the national team.


The CAS also noted, following the sending off of the player in the last game of the CAN, the SFA could not be aware of the fact that the player in question was suspended, and, in case of doubt, it should have verified the player's eligibility with the competent FIFA and/or CAF authorities.

Consequently, the decision of FIFA to declare the Sudan-Zambia match of 2 June forfeited 0-3 is confirmed.

Given the development, Zambia sits pretty atop Group ‘D’ with six points. Ghana is second with three points. Sudan and Lesotho both have a point. 


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