Amount given to Coastal teams is peanuts – Juma

  Posted: 26 Nov 11, 07:27

By: Dan Ngulu

Congo united coach Abdalla Juma is categorical that the Kenya Premier League is very unfair in judging all premier league teams equally in terms of financing.

270,000 shillings

The KPL awards each team in the premier league kshs 270,000 for their monthly expenses but the seasoned tactician feels the amount is not enough for teams from the coastal region considering the distances they travel.

Juma was speaking to and insisted that if this nation ever wants to see the likes of Rama Salim, coastal teams ought to be treated more preferentially.


Disadvantaged teams

-We are very disadvantaged, the KPL rates us on the same scale as teams from Nairobi yet we have to travel over a thousand kilometers every four days. In the end we spend many days travelling and more money than our competitors, he admitted.

Congo United are already relegated and he argues that the travelling woes heavily took a toll on them in the premier league.

-In most situations we reach our destinations tired, which impacts negatively on the team. KPL has to come up with modalities that will protect our teams, he added


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