Ambani: Fans pressured Yanga to reinstate me

  Posted: 3 Dec 09, 16:09


Kenyan striker Boniface Ambani has admitted that fan pressure led to his reinstatement at Tanzanian club Young Africans (Yanga).

“There was immense pressure from the fans that forced the club to think twice” said Ambani while talking to yesterday after the Kenya-Djibouti tie in the 2009 Orange Sponsored CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup.

“It’s not that Yanga were worried about how much they would pay me if they breached my contract with eight months to go. It was all about the fans. They pressured the club to get me back” continued Ambani

Ambani had been dropped by new coach Kosta Papic during the mini transfer window that began on the 1st of November 09. However the team retracted and recalled the player with just a few days to go to the closure of the transfer window on 30th November 09.

“My first leg was relative. I only got to play in about five of the 11 games in the first leg” said Ambani

“Ever since I returned from trials in China mid this year, I have been nursing an injury which meant I have not been at my peak. Of the five game I played I never completed any – either I was in as a substitute, or was substituted if I started” concluded Ambani

Last season Ambani made a sure statement in Tanzania slamming in 13 goals in the 11-game first leg. Another five in the second leg plus six in other games meant the lanky player closed the season with a record 24 goals in 24 games.

This season, the striker is still in drought and goals are yet to come by.


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