Akwana: I was not sacked

  Posted: 12 Apr 12, 08:26

By: Rodgers Eshitemi

Ezekiel Sacchi Akwana has dismissed reports that he was sacked as Rangers coach following a series of an unimpressive performance.

According to the former international, he was not fired but he resigned on a mutual agreement. 


-I was not sacked but I just resigned before the announcement was made (Tuesday night).

-I held a meeting with the chairman (Yobesh Ongeri) and agreed to terminate the one year contract.

-We’ll be meeting again anytime from now to discuss terms over how we will handle the remaining months of the contract.

A sigh of relief

-But all the same I experienced a lot of difficulties working with the management and for me this comes as a relief, Akwana told futaa.com.

Akwana together with his deputy Frank Furo and co-trainer Benson Matindi were dismissed on Wednesday 11 April just after less than three months with the club.


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