?Kids Can Kick? Football Training Programme in the offing

  Posted: 4 Feb 11, 22:22

By: Patrick Korir

Kisumu Youth Football Association- KYFA is launching “KIDS CAN KICK” football Training programme on Saturday, February 5th, 2011.

The event will take place at Bishop Mwayi Abiero Shaurimoyo Secondary school at 9.30am.

The programme will provide 5-8 year-old boys and girls with the opportunity to: Play constructively in a physically, socially and emotionally safe environment, to steer away from negative peer groups and to learn basic Football Skills as well as values such as team work, sharing, respect, basic rules that govern the games and make friends.

About 50 kids and parents are expected on the day.Games will be supervised by KYFA volunteers aimed at teaching the kids football skills, meant to be fun and enjoyable.

“Upon successful launch and implementation of the programme, we expect to see that the children involved have not only developed a strong foundation of football skills, but also learned more about respect for others, teamwork and commitment” said Ben Ogendi the KYFA Training Coordinator.


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