After Crystal Palace, Kilele misses out on Millwall Academy

  Posted: 1 Sep 10, 20:39

By: Patrick Korir

Theodore Kibet Kilele, 13, has once again missed on a chance to link up with a top Academy in the UK for one thing - lack of size.

The budding player who has been at Ligi Ndogo from the year 2004 once again impressed scouts when the Ngong road based Academy toured the UK for the annual Keele Cup (formerly known as Umbro after the sponsors).

After leading his team to the U13 Plate win during the one week tournament in late July to early August this year, Kibet was noticed by London based scouts.

A scout, Errol Johnson, arranged for trials at Champions side Millwall for two weeks but lack of size came to haunt the highly talented player who is known as a good dribbler, a good passer and an intelligent reader of the game.

Needs to take up his options

After spending two weeks at Millwall, Kibet was considered at par with most of the players at the Academy but size, lack off, knocked him out. However he won great recommendation from the club for his “great intelligence” in the game.

Last year while playing for the U12 team, whom he led to the runners-up of the main tournament, Championship side Crystal Palace took him in for two weeks trial. But due to lack of a long term Visa Kilele had to return home.

The young lad returned home last week but has been advised to return to the UK where he can attend school from where he can join a club that can prepare him towards joining an academy.

“Kibet’s window of opportunity keeps closing after each year. He needs to take up his options now because by the time he is 16 he cannot join any academy, it will be too late” said Ligi Ndogo’s Chairperson Chris Amimo


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