Tournament: CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup final stage 2013
Round: 1/2
Kick off: 10/12-2013 . 16:00
Venue: Mombasa Stadium

Explanation of symbols

 Own Goal
 Penalty Goal
 Missed Penalty
The number indicates the minute of the event.


113'  Ronald Kampamba   1-0
117'     1-1 Miaaz Abdelrahim
120'     1-2 Salah Al Jizoli


Match Commentary

121'121'Full time, Zambia 1-2 Sudan, Sudan qualifies for the finals
120' GO GO GO GO GOAAAAAALLLLL, Salah Ibrahiiiiimmmmmmm what a goal at this time
117' Goooooooaaaaalllllllll Miaaz Abdelraham equalizes
116'Kampamba OUT, Misheck Chaila IN
115'Zambia 1-0 Sudan
113' Gooooaaalll, Ronald Kampamba scores
109'Extra time, second half
106'Salahhhhhhhh....NO, his shot just goes inches wide Sudan getting better chances but not utilizing them
100'Both teams have opened the game as action swings from end to end
96'Mohamed Abdelmonem makes a spirited run upfront cuts in a clear cut cross, Nsabata Toaster punches it but Salah Ibrahim fails to tap in with a goal mouth
94' Zambia gets a corner but well dealt with by Sudan backline
91'Extra time underway first half
90+2'Full time, Zambia 0-0 Sudan waiting for extra time
90+2'Two minutes of added time
87' Sudan with a corner, not dangerous
86' Sydney Kalume OUT, Bornwell Mwape IN
85'Sudan with a chance but Nsabata easily picks Amier Kamal shot
79' Nadir Eltayib out, Mohamed Abdelmonem
75'Katongo with a chance inside the box but his efforts are deflected off for a fruitless corner
71' Faris Abdalla OUT, IN Miaaz Abdelrahim
68' Felix Katongo is slapped with a yellow for perhaps starting matters before ref whistles
66'Sydney Kalume controls and shoots outside the box but his shot rattles off the bar and cleared
63' Julius Situmbeko IN, out goes Standley Nshimbi
58'Sudan player fARIS Abdalla down but back on his feet
56'Faris Abdalla again, Nsabata punches out for a corner, Sudan finding it easy to penetrate Zambia defence but just missing the target
53'Amier Kamal drives into the box unleashes a low range shot but ohhh, just few inches off the target
50'Ronald Kampamba is caught offside
49'Zambia 0-0 Sudan
45'Second half underway
45'Half time, Zambia 0-0 Sudan
43' Rodrick Kabwe is yellow carded for fouling Idriss Suleiman at the centre pitch
40'Hamoda Bashir takes it direct to Nsabata in Zambia goal
39'Kabasu Chongo fouls Faris Abdalla at the edge of the box, free kick for Sudan
34' Eltahir ELHAG out, Idriss Suleiman IN
32'Zambia 0-0 Sudan
28'Zambia with a free kick on the right flank Katongo to Kabwe but his shot is blocked by Sudan wall
27'Faris Abdalla with a one against one chance but ruled for offside, Zambia 0-0 Sudan
23' Another corner for Zambia, its Katongo again but cleared by Sudan backline
22'Faris Abdalla finds Nadir Eltayib with a neat pass inside the box, with an eye on goal, Eltayib places inches off the target
19' Zambia gets the first corner Katongo takes it to Kabwe whose attempts are easily picked by Sudan keeper
17'Eltahir Elhag limps off for treatment
16'Nadir Eltayeb finds Salh Ibrahim but the latter places overboard
14'Sudan earnes another freekick, Hamoda Bashir takes it wide
13'Mohannad Tahir takes the free kick but goes wide
12'Kondwani Mtonga fouls Salha Ibrahim from close to 35 yards, no yellow however for the Zambian
8'8'Sudan with a chance but Zambia's Rodrick Kabwe clears Salah Ibrahim danger
7'Felix Katongo shot is wide from outside the box
6'Game on
3'Ali Abdelrahman inured, game pasused as he receives treatment
3'Zamia gets a free kick on the lft flank , katongo take sit but Sudan keeper punches it back into the field of play
1'The match is on

Explanation of symbols

 Second yellow
The number indicates the minute of the event.