Tournament: CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup final stage 2013
Round: 1/2
Kick off: 10/12-2013 . 19:00
Venue: Nyayo National Stadium

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 Own Goal
 Penalty Goal
 Missed Penalty
The number indicates the minute of the event.


3'     0-1 Clifton Miheso
40'     0-1 James Situma
62'     0-1 Edwin Lavatsa
64'  Faridi Musa for Amri Kiemba   0-1
64'  Athuman Iddy for Hassan Dilunga   0-1
85'     0-1 Noah Wanyonyi Wafula for Allan Wetende Wanga
90'     0-1 Duncan Ochieng
90'     0-1 Paul Mungai Kiongera for Clifton Miheso


Match Commentary

90+5'CECAFA fact; In their 15th semi final, the 6th straight since 2008, Tanzania fails to make the final for a 7th time. They will contest the losers final on Thur 12 Dec with Zambia who were seen off by a come from behind Sudan in an earlier semi final.
90+4'CECAFA fact; By beating Tanzania 1-0 in the 2013 semis, Kenya qualifies for the third home final, and 13th overall in 35 senior challenge cup appearances. Of the 2 previous final, Harambee Stars have won it once (in 1979 - beat Zimbabwe 1-0). Chance for a second home title? Tune in for the final on Thur 12 Dec at 6pm
90+3'FT: Stars through to the finals
90+2' Kenya substitution; Paul Kiongera IN, Cliff Miheso OUT
90+1'The pace has slowed down in the match,Miheso on the attack but the ball gets snatched from his feet. Tz attack but Duncan Ochieng stops the ball
90' Kenyan keeper Duncan Ochieng yellow carded for time wasting
90'3' of added time
89'Danger for the Harambee Stars!! TP Mazembe's Mbwana Ally Samatta weaves his way past the Kenyan defence, gets to within six yards of goal but when Tanzanians thought he'd level, he shot awkwardly skywards when it was easier to score. Kenyan fans had skipped a beat . . .
88'The ball is cleared as Lavatsa attempts to chip over Mapunda who has left his line
87'David Owino and Jackins Atudo standing firm in the Harambee Stars defence
86'Wafula attempts to set himself up with a pass but is blocked
85'CECAFA fact; As hosts (5 times), Kenya has proceeded to the finals twice (1979 and 1983). They missed out on the finals in 1989, 1994 and in 2009. Are they on course for a third home final?
84' Kenya Sub; Hard working skipper Allan Wetende Wanga OFF, his club mate Noah Wafula IN. Wanga hands Kahata the armband on his way out . . .
84'Kahata brought down, Situma sends it forward. Yondani on the attack.
83'Atudo clears the ball from Samatta's feet in the box.
83'Lavatsa with a shot but the ball goes wide
82'Ulimwengu misses a cross as he waited to send in a thunderbolt
81'Samatta's header goes way off the mark
80'Duncan Ochieng stos a Mbwana Samatta shot. Ulimwengu crossed the ball
79'Tanzania now on the build up but Stars intercept the ball. Stars freekick by Miheso is blocked
78'Kahata's shot blocked. Stars still on the attack
77'CECAFA fact; Kenya - Tanzanzia last met in the semis of the 2008 edition. Kenya won it 2-1. Duncan Ochieng was in Kenya's goal then. Mrisho Ngassa, Athuman Idd featured for 'Taifa Stars' in that game. The three are in today's semis. Mulinge Ndeto who played then is on the bench for the Harambee Stars. There are no other survivors from back then
76'Athman Idd brings down Akumu and the referee fails to book him
75'Ngassa sends the ball wide 1-0
74'Tz get a freekick Ngass and Athman on it.
71'Possession: Tanzania - 53%, Kenya 47%. Just like in the first half, Tanzania are all over Kenya with the ball but the Harambee Stars defense, its key point, is standing tall
70'Miheso finds Akumu and atudo sends the ball forward,
70'Duncan Ochieng stos an Ulimwengu shotasStars launch another attack
68'Tanzania on the counter attack - but the move is intercepted by Kenya's left back Aboud Omar
67'Another corner after Mapunda spilled the ball. Kahata takes it but Miheso's header is weak
66' Tanzania substitution; Raid Mussa (No 12) IN , Ramadhan Kiemba OUT
66' Lavatsa's freekick parried over by Mapunda. was headed fro gioal. corner
65'Wanga and Kahata again muscled off the ball and get a freekick at the edge of the area from Yondani.
64' Tanzania substitution; Athman Idd (No 3) IN, Diluga Saleh (No 14) OUT
63'Miheso brought down by Ngassa and quickly heads for attack wanga and Kahata lose the ball. Kahata brought down
62' Freekick for Tz, Yondani complaining after being brought down but Lavatsa gets a yellow for the push
60'Kahata muscled off the ball, Ulimwengu with a cross but is cleared by Situma. Tz still with the ball
60'Situma again brings down Samatta. and is penalized he already has a yellow 1-0
59'Aboud Omar goes past three defenders but finally loses the ball on the left wing.
58'CECAFA fact; The last time Tanzania was in the final; 2010 (they won by beating Ivory Coast 1-0). The last time Kenya was in the final; 2012 (lost to Uganda 1-0). Kenya last won in 2002 by beating, (guess who?) Tanzania 3-2. Dennis Oliech scored the winner in the 72'
57'Kahata finds Wanga but Situma lets the ball go out for a throwing 1-0
56'Tanzania enjoying possession but Stars regain and lose again
55'Moradi SAID misses from close range from a freekick
54'Samata MBWANA cross flys way over the bar from the left wing
53'CECAFA facts: From 33 appearances, Tanzania has qualified for the semis 14 times. This one against Kenya is the 15th. From the previous 14, the Taifa Stars has sailed on to the finals 8 times. Will they see off Kenya for the 9th final?
52'Stars under pressure. A midfield battle has ensued in the match with both sides applying tactical approach
52'Goalkick for Stars. Miheso loses the ball to Ramadhan Kiemba as they are forced into their own half
51'Shoots directly towards goal but over the bar 1-0
50'Samatta brought down by Miheso. Ngassa on the ball at the edge of the area.
49'Miheso brought down. Stars on the ball. Kahata in the mifdfield but the ball is sbatched by Tanzania. Atudo regains possession' 1-0
48'Tanzania looks more enthusistic in the second half as Wanga attacks but communication btwn them and Miheso breaks
47'CECAFA Facts; From 34 previous editions, Harambee Stars has made the semis 22 times. This one, against Tanzania, is the 23rd semi final. From the previous 22, Kenya has gone on to make the finals 12 times. Will this be the 13th time they qualify?
46'Tanzania start the second half on a high; Thomas Ulimwengu attempts a long range block buster that beats Duncan Ochieng all the way - but it crashes off the crossbar and back in play. Close!! Harambee Stars survive
HTBall possession at the close of the first half; Kenya - 44%, Tanzania - 56%. But Kenya leads 1-0
HTCECAFA Flashback; Kenya and Tanzania last met during the semis of the 2008 CECAFA Senior challenge cup (played on 11 Jan 2009) in Uganda. Harambee Stars won 2-1. The goals came via Francis Ouma (18), Mike Baraza (21), Danny Mrwanda (79)
HTStars 1, Tz 0
45'Second Half is on
45'Kahata almost nets the second from a shot which Mapunda AGAIN releases but recovers in time to hold it.
44'Ngassa shot fails to get Samatta but finds Erasto Nyoni but Duncan Ochieng stops the ball
43' Tanzania get a corner
42'Tanzania's Domayo FRANK RAYMOND on the ground. Match halted to give him attention. Harambee Stars leads the tie 1-0
41'Tanzania looks very composed. Ngassa is now attacking from the left side but Stars defenders are standing tall. 1-0
40' Situma booked for a challenge on Mrisho Ngassa. He dusts himself up to take the free kick which he sends straight to Harambee Stars keeper Duncan Ochieng'
38'Tanzania on the build upbut Samtta loses the ball to Stars. Lavstas finds Miheso but he shoots side 1-0
36'Stars now playing in the midfield as Situma brings down Zyondani on the right and is penalized
35'Kahata corner headed away after Mapunda misses it
34' Yondani intercets Miheso's cross to Wanga as he attempts to shoot 1-0 Stars get a corner
33'Meanwhile, out in Lesotho, it is now confirmed the the John Kamau led Kenya U20 will meet Angola U20 in the semi final of the ongoing COSAFA U20 Championship. They clash at Maseru on Thur 12 Dec from 1500hrs local time
33'Aboud Omar snatches the ball from Tz, but Kahata does not get to the ball.
32'Samatta now on the attack but Atudo clears. Miheso combines well with Kahata but loses out on the ball 1-0
31'Teddy Akumu on the ground after a knock on the head match temporarily stops
30'Situma tags Samatta and evades a booking for that 1-0
27'Miheso runs through the right but his shot misses Wanga who was the target. 1-0
26'Wanga again brought down by Yondani and Stars gets a freekikc. Atundo takes it but Situma shoot straight to Mapunda. 1-0
24'Tanzania throwing snatchesd by Stars. Wanga attempts from the right but is rebuffed. Miheso then shoots straight into Mapunda's hands.
23'Tanzania on the attack through Nyoni as they overtake Stars in possession. Tanzania 54%, Harambee Stars 46%
22'Ngassa's shot punched off by Duncan Ochieng
21'Tanzania freekick at the edge of the area after Situma brings down Samatta
21'Ochieng forced into frantic save from a Samatta shot but recovers in time to save the rebound. 1-0
20'Tanzania regain possession but get a freekick after Ngassa is brought down by Aboud Omar
19'Tanzania on the attack now weaving their way through the midfield. Duncan Ochieng' picks it up and Stars start
18'Lavatsa loses the ball on the right but Stars regain control through Akumu. Samatta brings down Wanga after being disossessed..1-0
16'Harambee Stars 52%, Tanzania 48% Possession so far 1-0
13'Wanga attempts to cross in from the right but is marked. 1-0
11'Ngassa on to Ulimwengu but they lose the ball to Stars in midfield.
7'Lavatsa sets up Miheso but he shoots over the bar
5'The winner of this second semi final between Kenya and Tanzania will meet Sudan in the final on 14 Dec. The Nile Crocodiles came from behind to knock out Zambia in extra time. Relate; http://www.futaa.com/football/article/gotv-cecafa-sudan-romps-into-finals-after-zambia-send-off
4'Miheso capitalized on a spill by Tanzania keeper Ivo [Philip] Mapunda, of club side Gor Mahia, who let go an initial shot from his club mate Anthony 'Teddy' Akumu
3' Goooooal! Miheso nets for Stars
1'1900hrs; Game on from the Nyayo National Stadium. It was originally set for the Machakos Stadium from 1pm but had to be moved to Nairobi after the surface was declared unplayable due to heavy rains
PREHarambee Stars lineup; 18. Duncan Ochieng (GK), 15. David Owino, 2. James Situma, 3. Aboud Omar, 114. Jockins Atudo, 7. Peter Opiyo, 10. Francis Kahata, 4. Anthony Akumu, 13. Clifton Miheso, 11. Allan Wanga (Cpt), 20. Edwin Lavatsa Substitutes: 1. Jerim Onyango (GK), 19. Musa Mohamed, 17. Paul Muigai Kiongera, 8. Mulinge Ndetto, 6. Noah Wafula, 5. David King’atua, 12. David Gateri, Not playing; 9. Jacob Keli, Wycliffe Kasaya
PREMatch Officials; Thiery Nkurunziza (Burundi) 1st assistant- Idam Hamid (sudan), 2nd assistant - Mussie Kinde (Ethiopia), 4th - Louis Hakizimana (Rwanda), Match Comm - Ali Ferej Tamim (Zanzibar)
PRETanzania lineup; 1. Ivo Mapunda (GK), 5. Kelvin Yondani (Cpt), 4. Erasto Nyoni, 13. Pius Michael Aidan, 15. Said Moradi Hussein, 16. Frank Domayo Raymond, 14. Dilunga Saleh, 9. Ramadhan Kiemba, 11. Thomas Ulimwengu, 10. Mbwana Samata, Mrisho Ngasa Substitutes: 18. Deogratius Bonevetur Munishi (GK), 3. Athuman Idd, 6. Himid Mao Mkani, 8. Athuman Chanongo, 7. Yahaya Singano, 12. Raid Mussa, 20. Ismail Adan Gambo, 19. Hassan Mrugau, 2. Salum S. Abubakar Coach: Kim Poulsen (Denmark)

Explanation of symbols

 Second yellow
The number indicates the minute of the event.