Tournament: CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup final stage 2013
Round: 1/4
Kick off: 08/12-2013 . 14:00
Venue: Mombasa Stadium

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 Own Goal
 Penalty Goal
 Missed Penalty
The number indicates the minute of the event.


Match Commentary

90+3'Zambia through to semis with 4-3 win
90+3' Hakizimanna Issa misses
90+3' Julius Situmbeko scores
90+3' Razak Fiston scores to make it 3-3
90+3' Kabaso Chongo misses
90+3' Harerimana Rashid misses
90+3' Kondwani Mtonga scores
90+3' Moussa Mossi bounces over the bar, missed
90+3' Alex Ngonga
90+3' Nduwarigira Christophe
90+3' Bornwell Mwape repeats his penalty and scores
90+3' Duhavinavye Gael scores 1-1
90+3' Felix Katongo scores
90+3'Full time, waiting for post match penalties
90+3'Three minutes of added time, Zambia 0-0 Burundi
85'Still Zambia 0-0 Burundi it seems we shall head into post match shootouts, we wait to see
77' Ndikumana Yussuf's free kick is deflected for a harmeless corner
75'Zambia with a free kick but Alex Ngonga shoots directly at Burundi wall which well deals with the danger
74'Ndikumana Yussuf with a free kick from centre pitch but does not worry Nsabata in Zambia goal
71' Bornwell Mwape comes in for Sydney Kalume
68'Razak Fiston with a shot from a free kick but goes wide
63' Alex Ngonga takes a free kick from centre pitch but its deflected for a fruitless corner
62'Kabaso Chongo with a lone effort beats his markers to unleash a low range shot that goes inches wide
61' Ndarusanze Claude comes off for Moussa Mossi
60' Justin Zulu is pulled out for Alex Ngonga
56' Habonimana Celestin is pulled out for Nduwamina Jean
54'Razka Fiston finds Habonimana Celestin but the latter' s tame shot goes inches wide
53' Zambia with a corner, Katongo takes a low corner that Ndikumana Yussuf easily clears
52' Christopher Munthali is slapped with a yellow after fouling Duhavinavye Gael
49'Zambia 0-0 Burundi
45+2'Half time, Zambia 0-0 Burundi
45+2'Two minutes of added time
45'Second half underway
42' Salulani Phiri gets out for Misheck Chaila
39'Duhayinaye Gael with a free kick ion the right flank, not dangerous
33'Christopher Munthali fouls Razak Fiston at the edge of the box, Burundi with a free kick, Nduwarigira takes it to Harerimana whose cross goes out for a goal kick
28'Justin Zulu fouls Ndarusanze Claude at the edge of the box, free kick for Burundi but Nduwarigira Christophe directs it to Nsabata Toaster
26'Fiston drives thro' Burundi defence to find Ndarusanze Claude but the latter fails to pounce on the pass as Arakaza hurries to pick it
24' Burundi with another corner, taken by Duhavinavye Gael well dealt with
23'Burundi earns a free kick from 30 yards Nduwimana Jean shoots wide for a goal kick
20' Hakizimana Hassa with a free kick from 20 yards but blocked for a fruitless corner
18'Zambia 0-0 Burundi
13' Situmbeko brings a cross but keeper Arakaza fumbles to pick it, Duhayinaye Gael clears for a fruitless corner
12'Katongo is fouled on the left flank, free kick for Zambia taken by Katongo easily picked by Arakaza Arthur in the Burundi goal
7'Harerimana Rashid combines with Razak Fiston cut out by Kondwani Mtonga
4'Zambia enjoying possession here with Burundi chasing shadows
4'Razak Fiston with a low range shot taken by Nsabata Toaster in the Zambia goal, was offside though
1'The match is on
PREZambia on their side are in their home jersey too, green tops and yellow/orange shorts
PREBurundi, clad in white shorts and red jerseys their home jersey i in the tournament
PREBurundi national anthem now on as both teams line up ready for the 21st match of the 37th edition

Explanation of symbols

 Second yellow
The number indicates the minute of the event.