Wazito FC
Ushuru FC
Tournament: FK Cup 2012
Round: 1/8
Kick off: 01/09-2012 . 15:00
Venue: Hope Centre

Explanation of symbols

 Own Goal
 Penalty Goal
 Missed Penalty
The number indicates the minute of the event.


11'     0-0 Ignatius Likhanga
22'     0-1 Collins Tiego
25'     0-1 Collins Omondi
27'  Dennis Onyango   1-1
45'     1-2 Richard Likhabu


Match Commentary

FTGame over. Wazito - KRA, 1-2
90+2'One final attack for KRA
90'Two minutes added on
88'Wazito get a free kick at the edge of the box but fail to convert.
84'KRA dominating the midfielder keeping Wazito under constant pressure
78' Wazito substitute; David Otieno OUT, Patrick Ireri IN
75'Wazito still trails KRA, 2-1 at the Hope Centre
70'Free kick amounts to naught for Wazito. KRA keeper goes down with an injury but is soon up
68'Wazito win a free kick outside the 18 after a KRA player handled
64' Wazito with a corner but it goes wide

Explanation of symbols

 Second yellow
The number indicates the minute of the event.