Blogging on now open to all

Always wanted to contribute to Now you can - directly.  Our Blog is now open and can receive a post from you.

Getting to post a blog is simple; from the main site you will see login at the top right corner. Click on it and you will be prompted for your Facebook username and password.

Final vote

Upon signing in, you will automatically be registered and you can be free to upload your topical article. Later you can go to your login account on the site and add further details.

Once your article is read, it will be voted up for its good quality, or down, if it doesn’t please that much. The difference of votes up and down will reflect as the final vote of the blog.

Subject to editing

With time, the blogs with the best votes will be tops while those with the least will drop down the ranks to the bottom.

However, Administrator will have the final say as to which blogs will stay up once uploaded. As an example, anything with vulgarities, or deemed promotional will be pulled down immediately.

Feel free, be part of the fraternity and blog away . . .

Note: All blogs will be subject to editing from the Admin. Appropriate photos, tags and appropriate related articles to link to the Blog will also be done by the Admin.


Football Calender

Did you know?

That you can follow all Kenyan Premier League games live on On the front page all games activated as live will appear and a link will take you to the live page.

Scores and scorers and awarded cards will appear on the fly. From the same page live games from other leagues can also be followed!