Shadrack Ateka

Ateka explains his return to Gatundu

On 1 June 2012 Shadrack Ateka, Gatundu United’s head Coach, announced his resignation.

Over a month later, he is still at the club and in the same capacity.

Explaining his position, the tactician says that he had decided to take time off the pressure of the Division One, to help his home team Makarios III rise up the provincial league.

 However, on realization that the team with which he had built a reputation was struggling, he opted to stay put and guide them in the league.

-It is true that I had penned my resignation and this would have been the case until now.

-At the time of my stepping aside, I had planned to spend time with Makarios, the Nairobi Provincial league side I grew up with.

-However, Gatundu requested me to stay on, promising that the issues on which we had differed would be iron out.

-I can confirm that the promise was met and this is one of the reasons why I am currently with the team. Back on duty

Ateka also says that even though the team is currently in the relegation zone, he will do everything in his ability to ensure that they survive the chop.

-In the time that I was out of the team, the morale of the players went down and this led to the performance going down.

-However, in the two weeks that I have been back with the team, I can confirm that the team is committed to rise up the standings.

Gatundu, with 19 points, are currently ranked 17th in the Eastern Zone of Kenya’s Division One.



It's done, Ateka is no longer Gatundu's Coach

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