Muhoroni Youth FC v Ulinzi Stars
0 - 0
Muhoroni Youth FC v Ulinzi Stars
Kickoff 12 Jun 16, 14:00
Tournament Kenya Top 8 Cup
Round 1/2
Match Details
Farouk Shikalo 18'  
Nyangechi Wycliffe 36'  
  46' Stephen Waruru for Kelvin Amwayi
Yusuf Mohammed 48'  
Andrew Sekayombya for Demonde Selenga 52'  
  62' Vincent Ochieng for Enos Ochieng
  63' Boniface Onyango
Abdallah Hamisi for Francis Ochola 72'  
93' Game Over Muho 0-0 Ulinzi  
91' Ochomo get his clears chance after a successful challenge on Sande but his sho goes wide  
89' otuoma tries to get the top corner of the net but his goal goes wide  
83' Bbeto and Ochomo unable to communicate and their miscommunication cost them a goal after Ochomo headers went wide  
82' Sekayombya attempts to find the Bebeto Lnambo but his pass is cut off by Mbng,i  
73' Long ball to OChomo who finds Sekayombya but the latter side nets  
63' Onyango Bonface is cautioned after fouling Moses Arita  
62' 'Vincent Ochieng come on for Enos Ochieng as Ulinzi makes second sub  
59' Waruru and Ochieng goes to head the same cross after failing to communicate and the ball heads out of the field  
58' Yusuf Mohamed brought down by Ochieng. Free kick for Muho Ochola tries to find Ochomo who is tight marked  
55' Moses Arita brought down, free kick taken by Nyangechi sent inti the 18 yard box and it cleared by Kokoyo  
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