Why does the FKF only love the Premier League?

  Posted: 30 Apr 13, 13:08

By: Mickey Weche

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If you have been to a Division One or lower league football game in Kenya, then you will understand why my headline is what it is.

There are chronic issues that need to be addressed.

In truth, the Premier League is the highest division in the land and so has to be the best of the best. The facilities have to be top notch and the teams and players have to look the part.

It has to be very organized and to look good in every aspect.

But that does not mean that the lower leagues should be treated as they are at the moment.

The Football Kenya Federation loves the Premier League and would like to marry it or even elope with it.

The fact that they (Premier League) has sponsorship is obviously more appealing and to make it even better, they have an organizing committee of their own, the KPL LTD.

They want to be seen with the KPL and to get any leverage they can from the KPL. That is what they love.

But what are they doing for the lower leagues?

The Federation does nothing to improve the plight of the Division One and cares less about what goes on down there. Apart from securing live games, the clubs do everything for themselves including paying referees, playing grounds and all that matters.

What else does the Federation do for the league?

And it is even worse for clubs in the lower leagues like at the Provincial and County level.

The playing grounds are pathetic and the Federation knowing this, have done nothing to change it. They could get like five playing grounds around the city where the games can be played so as to increase the level of growth of the game.

But they do not care.

The Federation treats the rest of the divisions, the Premier League aside, as illegitimate children. It is like they were born outside their knowledge.

As long as they do so, the game in the country will never grow and we will never have a vibrant game in the country.

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