Were makes my day, Tusker fan club in the offing

  Posted: 11 Jan 13, 08:50

By: Lawrence Oloo Okuta

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Yet again, I am here purring on about the exploits of one Jesse Were.

I don't know if it is about him being here close to the nice life in Zanzibar, but boy has he been on fire so far.

I spoke about the way he took his goals and overall play in the earlier games but in the semi-final of the Mapinduzi Cup against Miembeni the home side, he showed another side to his game.

He was hardworking and all over the place and at times when we were under- pressure, he bailed us out with some neat play upfront, holding the ball up well for his teammates.

It was well played from him again and a reminder about his talent, one I had not really noticed despite having many friends from Ligi Ndogo where he played in his earlier days.

The match itself was a toxy- turvy one. The home fans obviously took to their side but we were the better and stronger side despite playing a number of players you can say are not established.

One of them was Luke Ochieng, who took his goal well and will no doubt have impressed the coaching staff.

Were too as earlier said was superb and his goal summed up how important he is to the side doing well this season. Next we face a re-union with old boy Jockins Atudo and Azam, a match which I look forward to.

As for the support, I am sure we will have it all since we have already gotten a few guys wearing Tusker jerseys here and talk is rife about a Tusker FC fan club, now that most of our league games are on Supersport.

That is for the future, for now bring on Azam and a prosperous 2013.


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