The Division One is changing; change with it

  Posted: 30 Apr 13, 13:17

By: David Maina

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In the last couple of weeks, a lot has happened that will forever change the landscape of the Division One football in Kenya. Pay TV provider Supersport finally made good their promise to cover the Division One matches and thus far there have been two live games.

Both games did not disappoint as there was very good football played, appealing to both the eye and the cameras.

The deal with Supersport has benefits to all clubs and in as much as they might not be enjoyed immediately, it is good to plan for the future.

No cash is being channeled out as yet, but again in the spirit of give and take, the clubs shall be get quality exposure. There are so many ways in which clubs could benefit as listed below.

1. Clubs would leverage their coverage to negotiate sponsorship deals with various entities because they can now give something back in the form of exposure on prime television.

2. Clubs can ask for the video clips for the matches so that they can look at how other teams are playing, study them and strategize on how to beat them. This now changes the whole idea of sending scouts to watch matches and the good thing with clips is that you can watch them as a whole club and enjoy features of unlimited play back.

3. This is also a good way to market players. Agents ask for video clips on the players. With Supersport on board, these clips can be made available and can be sent to agents to see how such deals develop.

4. Officiating of live matches will also improve because no one would want to be caught on camera doing anything that is contrary to the rules of the game, especially the referees.

Its also official that in 2014, the Division One league is going to be trimmed from 49 teams to a unified league of 20 teams. There will also be a Division two league where all the teams that do not make the top five from Division One and winners of provincial leagues will be accommodated.

This has been communicated to clubs and we don’t expect the usual lobbying at the end of the year. Instead, teams should work hard to be amongst the top five in their respective leagues.

Any good idea has some resistance to it. There are some club officials who are very critical and have tried opposing this arrangement.

It is for the good of the game that such elements note that change is here and change waits for no one. The general mood of many clubs is that both the arrangements are in good faith and for the good of the league.

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