Beckham; we must move on after Reims loss

On Saturday 2 March 2013, Paris Saint Germaine (PSG) was handed a painful and surprising 1-0 beating by ten-man Reims in a Ligue 1 tie at the

Auguste Delaune Stadium.

David Beckham brought in after the losne goal was scored to try and salvage something for PSG now states PSG did in no way look down on their opponents and it’s time to move on from the defeat.

Move on

-We had two good games against Marseille, but in football things change very quickly, he was quoted by soccerway.com.

-We never think that we're superior to any team. It's always difficult coming to away grounds. I think they played very well but we can play better.

-They won the game so they must have done something better than us, but like I said, we move on.

Despite the loss to Reims, PSG is top of the 20-team Ligue 1 log with 54 points from 27 games with a two point edge over Lyon. Reims is 16th with half of PSG’s points