Chelsea question marks over Mourinho?
That is the question in mind when I hear of Chelsea's apparent pursuit of Jose Mourinho.

It will be outrageously expensive to have Mourinho back at the Bridge and smiling.

First of all, he will want a pay package close to the 10 million GBP mark to jump over from Real Madrid.

Added to that, he will also want a bigger and more competitive squad and as I hear, he will want to spend close to 100 million GBP to get that on board.

So the question is, will Roman Abramovich bank-roll all that?

Abramovich has already spent a considerable amount on sacking Roberto Di Matteo and getting in Rafa Benitez, as well as other niggling first team issues.

Will he have the motivation to do so?

And then again, the matter of Mourinho having the kind of power he wants. Will Abramovich hand it over?

The last time the two worked together, there was an element of Mourinho being in-charge on the pitch but not behind the scenes. Will Mourinho stomach that again?

He has already been undermined at Real Madrid and he does not want that kind of business again, as he says.

Will he get it all at Chelsea?

As a Chelsea fan, having Mourinho back in the fold is fantastic news and one that I dream of, but will it really work?