Our legends need opportunities too
It is nice to give our legends signed replica jerseys and birthday cakes. It is lovely actually.

They are legends, they are the reason why we think of the game as well as it is, because they made it very good and appealing to us.

And so, they should be treated like legends and they are important people who should not live off handouts and free-bees.

Legends should be comfortable and have positions in our society to enhance change in whatever we do.

Which is why Kadenge should not be what he is nowadays, which is just another guy who once played the game for Kenya and AFC Leopards.

Kadenge should be a person who can be of use to the country and the game at large.

He could be an ambassador of the game, a teacher of it too, a person who goes around the country and preaches good about the game of football to those who have ears.

And not only Kadenge, many others too fall in that category.

We must give our legends, who did not have the chance to make a promising living out of the game a chance to do so at this point in time.

They have lots to offer and we should take them in.

German football is currently doing very well and if you look closely, it is led from the front by a group of former internationals, legends if you like.

The likes of Franz Beckenbauer and even lately Jupp Heynckes have played a big role in what German football is today and plenty others too. They trust their legends to have them in a good place.

Why not Kenya?