Tusker will always play ugly and win ugly
It is difficult to be a Tusker FC fan at times.

You get beat up and mocked because you are a fun of the club. You get taken down all the time because you are in yellow.

They say we have no fans and you wonder if supporting a side is about winning or about the number of fans you have?

Granted, the fans matter, but when we try form a Tusker fan club, we are mocked.. Why?

The club has been there for years and has produced some of the greats of the Kenyan game. They are a massive club in respect to Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards if you ask me.

Tusker FC are who they are and their record speaks for itself.

So the other day when we saw off Nairobi City Stars, I was asked why I support a team than likes to win ugly?

And I turned away in bemusement.

I guess you can answer that question in several ways but I will just use one. Do we win or not?

Anyone who knows the brewers well enough will tell you that they are and have never been the fancy type of side. They are not the tiki-taka type of side.

Tusker are like the Bavarians of old, they are strong and efficient. Once in a while, they get a coach that plays an expansive game and that is it.

We play ugly and win ugly, and I am proud to say it because it is a very good way of winning in the Premier League.

The truth is that I know my team well and am proud to be associated with how they do what they do.

Tusker are not Barcelona, or Thika United... They are Tusker and the way they play works very well. The records speak for themselves.

So next time you meet a Tusker FC fan, don't tell them that they play ugly, because they also win ugly and winning is what matters at the end of the day.

Doesn't it?