Motivation the key to Mieno and Atudo rise
It is no longer a secret, Sofapaka players are never paid on time or never paid at all.

Difficult story to take because they are one of the bigger clubs in Kenya and have a short but relatively successful history.

We expect them to do well in some aspects.

And even Tusker FC are said to have issues in paying players their dues. They are either underpaid or their allowances are usually stepped on.. Remember the story where they were given 300 bob after a match?

Which brings me to my point, Jockins Atudo and Humphrey Mieno. Why the great performances in Tanzania and the dull ones over here?

The answer is just above.

We treat Kenyan footballers like they are delinquents. Instead of having them like kings and deserving of the honour they give us, we handle them like they owe us a favour.

That is why when they go to a place where they are appreciated and treated well, they perform better.

I like to equate a footballer to a pedigree horse.

A horse can run and fast, with or without training and all those necessities, but a championship horse will only do well if given the treatment that a champion deserves.

Same as a footballer. They will do very well if they are treated like optimum machines, anything less and you will never get a great display.

So never expect Mieno and Atudo to do well in the Kenyan Premier League. They are deserving of more.